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geek squad extended warranty

Last updated on December 16th, 2022 at 11:14 am

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Geek Squad offers an extended warranty for most devices like tech devices, smart devices, electronics, and other products. It ensures the overall protection of your device from any glitch or error. You can enjoy unlimited 24-hour support services under the expert technician and engineer. Also, Geek Squad Extended Warranty applies to most of the new purchases from Best Buy. The extended warranty even includes the services that your original warranty may not. You can purchase the Geek Squad Protection for all the devices that are not even bought from the Best Buy Store.

Is Best Buy Extended Warranty Worth it? – Benefits of Geek Squad Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty by Best Buy covers the complete protection of the device which further helps to run your device like a pro for 2 years. The agents manage and repair all the faults and issues with your device with VIP access to expert bookings. It also includes unlimited support and guidance from the expert to run your device and manage its functionality. The key benefits of Geek Squad Extended Warranty are as follows:

  • Multi Year Protection
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • VIP Access to Bookings
  • In-Home Expert Guidance
  • Workmanship Guarantee on all Repairs  
  • Physical Damage Coverage
  • Offers and Discounts on Advanced Services
  • Quick Repair and Replacement
  • Power Surge Coverage
  • Remote Services

Best Buy Extended Warranty – Geek Squad Protection Support Services

Geek Squad offers fully-fledged support services under its protection plan. The extended warranty covers all types of services that your device requires to operate like a pro. In addition, there is unlimited help and support from expert professionals 24/7. So, here is the list of services under Geek Squad Extended Warranty:

Setup and InstallationRepair and Replacement
Power Surge FailuresPhysical Damage
Parts or Labour CoverageNo Lemon Policy
Screen ProtectionIn-Home Services
Convenient BookingsDevice Support
Physical Damage Coverage 

How to Claim a Service for Geek Squad Extended Warranty? How Do I Make a Claim with Geek Squad?

To claim service for your device or product under the protection, you can connect with the expert agent. The agent will book your appointment to handle the services and make your device function appropriately.

Customers can schedule an appointment either online or offline. You can call the executive at Geek Squad’s toll-free phone number for booking an appointment. The customer service number, 1800-433-5778 is accessible 24/7 to help their customers and support them. Also, you can book an appointment over a live chat with the agent

  1. Schedule In-Home Consultation

The members can make a call at 1800-433-5778 for scheduling the in-home consultation offline. You can book the slot depending on the date and time of your choice. Also, customers can book online appointments at Here, you can select the service and fix the appointment easily and quickly.

The expert agent will directly reach your doorstep according to the appointment schedule to provide expert services.

  1. Schedule In-Store Consultation

Customers can also book in-store service for their products and devices. Here, you need to first book an appointment either by calling the agent, live chatting with the agent, or online. After that, take your device to the Best Buy store according to the scheduled date and time of the service. The agent will immediately handle your device as soon as you reach the store.

Geek Squad Extended Warranty for Desktops and Laptops – Does Geek Squad Provide Protection for Laptops

Geek Squad provides tremendous and experienced services under its warranty period. It makes your laptop and desktop function without any faults and errors. The warranty covers both, hardware and software issues. It includes:

  • Setup and Installation of software on the laptop
  • Global coverage for remote services
  • Failed hard drives
  • Screen protection
  • Accidental damage
  • Pixel protection
  • Replacement for defective keyboards
  • Repair for Motherboard and laptop hardware
  • Battery and Charger replacement
  • Coverage for Power drive and memory failure

Geek Squad Extended Warranty for Televisions – Does Geek Squad Protect Television

Geek Squad also handles advanced services for major devices like television. It can handle all types of televisions and their different parts. Moreover, it also provides expert services for television accessories. It includes:

  • In-Home Services
  • Diagnosis and Repair
  • Setup and Installation
  • Screen Protection
  • Burn-In and power failure protection
  • Coverage for Physical Damage
  • Manufacturer accessories coverage
  • Remote control
  • Benefits for physical damage

Best Buy Geek Squad Protection for Major Appliances – Geek Squad Extended Warranty for Appliances

It also covers the protection and maintenance of various appliances, including electronic and electrical appliances. It includes services for refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, microwaves, machines, and much more. The services are:

  • VIP access for In-Home Services
  • Diagnosis and Repair services
  • Faulty parts coverage
  • Extra labor coverage at no cost
  • Wear and tear coverage
  • Accidental damage coverage
  • Reimbursement for spoiled food
  • Reimbursement for laundry expenses.
How Much is Best Buy Geek Squad Protection? Geek Squad Extended Warranty Charges

Best Buy provides extended warranty services for 2 years at an affordable cost. The cost of the plan depends on the device’s actual cost. For example, if the device cost is $1299.99 then the Geek Squad warranty can cost $174.99 for a two-year plan and $299.99 for a five-year plan.

Normally, you can get the protection services for 2-Year at the minimum cost of $149.99. Also, for the five-year plan, then the minimum cost of $249.99. However, the actual cost may vary depending on the device and its actual cost.


Can You Extend a Geek Squad Protection Plan?

Geek Squad Extended Warranty is non-renewable. However, the renewal may apply in certain cases depending on the device. You can discuss the renewal with a Geek Squad agent at 1800-433-5778.

Can You Add a Warranty After purchasing Best Buy?

The Best Buy Geek Squad membership itself includes 2 years of warranty services for the products bought at Best Buy. This extended warranty applies to the device as soon as you purchase it and last for 24 months from the date on the receipt.  

How Much Does 1 Year of Geek Squad Cost?

Under the 1 Year of protection plan, it will charge only $199.99 per year for the protection and tech support services. Also, you can add a maximum of 6 devices to your plan at the same cost.

How Long is Best Buy Extended Warranty?

Geek Squad Extended Warranty lasts for 24 months (2 Years) for the full protection and support of the devices and products. This warranty automatically applies to most new purchases at Best Buy stores.

How Does Geek Squad 3 Year Warranty Work?

The 3-Year Geek Squad Warranty includes fully-fledged protection and tech support services. It provides support for accidental damage, wears and tear, installation, repair and replacement, data transfer and removal, power surge failures, antivirus protection, screen damage and repair services, and all the other services for different parts of the devices as well.

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