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Geek Squad provides round-the-clock protection and tech support services to its customers. To avail of these services with VIP access and under budget cost, you can subscribe to Geek Squad Membership. It includes free tech support 24/7, protection, and warranty services with exclusive benefits and savings. There is a quick process to call the executive on 1800-433-5778, locally or remotely, for availing of the services under your plan. The expert agents are present actively for in-home, on-site, and in-store services. The membership includes various discounts, unlimited and timely support services, product discounts, and free expert assistance.

What is Geek Squad Membership?

Geek Squad provides fully-fledged protection services for devices and products so that they can work appropriately under the support of experienced technicians and engineers. The membership includes tech support services for the devices and products under the claim. Geek membership consists of device setup and installation, diagnosis and repair, troubleshooting, maintenance, and protection services.

What are the Benefits of Geek Squad Membership? Is Best Buy Geek Squad Protection Worth It?

There are various benefits to subscribing to the membership plan as it protects and maintains your device completely, making it run like a pro. The device under the protection runs smoothly and the expert agents handle all its flaws and glitches it faces from time to time. There are various benefits of Geek Squad Membership, such as:

  • 24/7/365 expert help and support
  • Unlimited services
  • VIP access to bookings
  • Discounts on advanced services
  • Workmanship guarantees all repairs
  • Expert device and data protection
  • 20% off on hardware repairs
  • 50% off on in-home services
  • Additional Product discounts
  • Face to Face agent support
  • Free access to installations, upgrades, optimization, and data transfer
  • Protection beyond the manufacturer’s warranty

How Much is a Subscription to Geek Squad? How Much is Best Buy Total Tech Membership?

Best Buy offers budget prices under the budget of the customers for its Geek Squad Membership plan. You can avail of the exclusive services under your budget with quick and VIP access for help and assistance over call or chat. You can become a Geek Squad member for only $19.99 per month. The customer can purchase the subscription plan either online or at the Geek Squad store. Also, you can call or chat with the agent to avail of the plan. The customer can also apply for a yearly subscription to the plan at the cost of just $199.99 per year. After that, you can renew the plan at the same cost for uninterrupted service for the next successive year.

What Does Best Buy Membership Include? – Protection Services Under Geek Squad Membership

Geek Squad offers a large number of services under its membership plan. You can avail of these services with just a single call to the agent at 1800-433-5778. The list of services includes:

  1. Computing Tech Support Services
  2. Networking Tech Support Services
  3. Setup and Installation
  4. Diagnosis and Repair services
  5. Appliance Services
  6. Help and Guidance
  7. Troubleshooting Services
  8. Cancellation and Refunds  
  9. Schedule Appointment
  10. Shop with an Expert
  11. Free Home Consultation Services
  12. Device protection and management services
  13. Easy Bookings (In-Home / In-Store)
  14. Free In-Home Assistance by Expert
  15. Smart Home Services

How Do I Claim a Service for Geek Squad Membership?

Geek Squad provides VIP access to all the members via easy claims and demands for any service by connecting with the agent on call or chat. You can make a claim or demand service for your product or device in any of the following ways:

  • Call the Geek Squad Agent on Toll-free Phone Number

The members can call at 1800-433-5778 Geek Squad Phone Number for any assistance or booking of a service. The on-call agent is present 24X7 for your assistance and support.

  • Initiate Live Chat Online

The support executive is also present online over a live chat 24X7 for any assistance and bookings. You can visit the link and click on the “Chat with an Agent” option to open the chat box.

  • Visit the Best Buy store

The members can directly visit the store nearby their place for any help and support. The assistants are present for your help immediately as soon as you reach the store.

Also, the customer can connect with the agent on social media sites to avail of the services. But it may take some time for the agent to respond to you, normally 24 hours. There is no quick response. So, you must try to approach the agent on call or chat for a quick response.  


How Much Does it Cost to be a Best Buy Member?

To become a Geek Squad member, you need to subscribe to the protection and tech support plan at just $199.99 per year. Also, you can avail of the monthly Geek Squad Membership for just $19.99.

How Much is Best Buy Membership?

Geek Squad offers a very less cost for its exclusive membership.

Monthly Plan – $19.99 per month

Annual Plan – $199.99 per year

How Long is Geek Squad Membership?

Geek Squad protection and tech support services under its membership last for a total of one year. It starts from the date you applied for the plan and ends after one year. To enjoy uninterrupted services for the next successive year, you can renew the plan easily online or call the agent at 1800-433-5778.

Can I Cancel my Geek Squad Membership?

The member can cancel their plan anytime when he faces any difficulty or is not satisfied with the services. The Geek Squad Tech Support will help you with the cancellation without asking any questions. So, you can call on 1800-433-5778, or initiate the live chat online to cancel your plan and get a refund.

Do You Get a Refund if you cancel your Geek Squad Membership?

Geek Squad provides a full refund for the membership if you cancel within one month of the purchase of the plan in case of a yearly subscription. For the cancellation after one month, the refund depends on the prorated value according to the policy.


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