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It is possible to calculate Geek Squad prices for a variety of services based on the problem with your device. Additionally, the company always focuses on providing customer-oriented services at prices that are convenient for the customers. It meets all the needs of the customers by providing services within their budget.

Which services does geek squad support provide, and how much does each cost?

Geek Squad provides fully-fledged support services for all the products and devices at home, office, or business. It offers low-cost charges for all the services. The customer can apply for various protection plans to enjoy the tech support services at a low cost.

In-home service Pricing

It is also possible to request in-home services by calling or chatting with an agent, and you will be able to request services at your residence. A customer may book an Geek Squad Appointment and request a technician come directly to their home for services within their budget. Here is the Geek Squad list of prices for in-home services.

Printer Setup or Troubleshooting$70.99 – $89.99
Modem Setup$99.99 – $109.99
Device Diagnostic and Repair$149.99 – $159.99
Virus and Spyware Removal$149.99 – $149.99
Wi-Fi Setup or Troubleshooting$99.99 – $109.99
Wireless Camera Install (2 cameras)$99.99 – $109.99
Wired Camera Install (2 cameras)$199.99 – $209.99

In-Store Service Pricing

A customer can schedule an appointment for in-store Geek Squad services by calling an agent or by chatting online. The customer will be able to book an appointment for your service and then visit the store directly for your service. Geek Squad in-store service does not incur additional charges. Below are the prices for in-store services.

Set up of computer and tablet$39.99 – $49.99
New device Setup$29.99 – $39.99
Device Diagnostic and Repair$149.99 – $159.99
Physical Damage Repair$70.99 – $89.99+ parts
Virus and Spyware Removal$149.99 – $159.99
Data Recovery, Level 1 (deleted files, reformatted drive)$195.99 – $204.99
Data Recovery, Level 2 (corrupted files, drive imaging)$449.99 – $459.99
Data Recovery, Level 2 Advanced (needs advanced hardware or firmware)$549.99 – $559.99
Data Recovery, Level 3 (device physically damaged; clean room needed)$1449.99 – 1459.99

Remote Services Pricing

You may encounter problems with your smart device or other tech device while working away from home. In this case, the experts provide you with Geek Squad Remote Support anywhere in the world.

OS Tune Up/Upgrade$39.99
Network Setup and Support$149.99
Software Setup and Support$39.99
Operating System Repair and Protect$149.99
Device Diagnostic and Repair$149.99
Email Troubleshooting$99.99
Software Troubleshooting$99.99
Add Device to an Existing Network$39.99
Windows 10 Tutorial$19.99
Software Setup and Support$39.99
Printer Setup$39.99
Virus Spyware Removal$149.99

Geek Squad On-Site Prices for a Range of Services

Geek Squad comes to your location for any service by charging a minimum cost per visit. The Geek Squad Prices for on-site services start from $300 and it may vary according to the site and the service you demand. To apply for the on-site service, the customer can call on the Geek Squad phone number 1800-433-5778.

Listed below are the services that are eligible for On-Site:

  • Software and Hardware Installation
  • Network Installation
  • Operating System Installation
  • Software and Hardware services
  • Network Services or Adding a New Device to the Network
  • PC Setup and Configuration Services
  • VPN Installation Service
  • Data Transfer and Backup Service

Per-Service vs. Monthly Plan Pricing of Best Buy Geek Squad – What You Need to Know

In order to take advantage of budget services for a low price, you can apply for one of the Geek Squad plans, which offer low-cost charges. Also, there are several free services available under the Geek Squad Plans. Here is the breakdown of service charges based on the Geek Squad Plans.

Individual Service Price: $19.99 to $1450

Monthly Service Plan Price: $24.99

Annual Service Plan Price: $199.99

In addition, the annual plan allows the customer to choose up to six devices as part of its coverage.

What Does Geek Squad Charge for Different Devices – Geek Squad Prices For Range of Devices

Geek squad covers up the tech support services for all the devices at your home, office, and organization. You can call the agent to get support and help for any device So, here are the different costs of the services for these devices:

Computer Software Installation$39.99 – $99.99
Computers & Tablets programming and set up$39.99 – $99.99
Cameras & Camcorders$99.99-$199.99
Cell Phones and other telephone sets$49.99
Office automation$99.99-$199.99
Car Electronics$99.99-$149.99
Internet setup and security$149.99
Portable Audio systems$99.99-$199.99
Kitchen Setup$99.99-$199.99
Video Gaming console systems$99.99-$149.99
Setup help for your product$59.99 – $99.99
Smart Home systems$99.99-$199.99
TV & Home Theatre installation$49.99 – $99.99
Music System Setup and installation$49.99
Printer/refrigerator Installation$49.99 to $99.99


who should consider geek squad?

From small, local businesses to large corporations, Geek Squad works with businesses of all sizes. The Sheraton hired them to install new televisions in all its hotels, and Voip uses it for customer support. So, it can handle both large projects and small repairs.

Who May Not Need Geek Squad?

In the case of small technical requirements, having an IT team, or being a small business with a tech-savvy employee or employees, Geek Squad may not be the best solution for you. You may find a local computer repair shop quicker and more cost-effective if you cannot fix an issue on your own. 

What happens if Geek Squad cant fix my computer?

With a Product Replacement Plan, they will replace, not repair, your product. If they cannot repair your device or otherwise provide store credit, Geek Squad will replace it at their discretion under a standard Protection Plan.

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