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Geek Squad TVrepair

Last updated on October 17th, 2022 at 12:20 pm

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Geek Squad handles the repair services for all types of Televisions and their different parts. The offers specialized services under expert professionals. You can book an appointment for Geek Squad TV Repair any time of the day or night by calling the agent at 1800-433-5778. There is a quick process to book a service. Geek Squad expert technicians directly come to your home for the TV repairs, and also, handle the in-store service. You can fix the pick up of the device and the agent will directly come to your home to take the TV and handle its service at the store.

Is Geek Squad TV Repair Worth it?

Geek Squad repairs the TV with the latest tools and techniques for the best services from experienced staff. The cost of repairing the TV is less than replacing it. The expert agents can manage the services entirely by first performing the diagnosis and then repairing it. It can resolve all issues, hardware failures, and software errors. There is a 24-hour support service for all minor and major issues. There are various advantages to choosing Geek Squad TV Repair services, such as:

  • 24 Hour Support
  • Unlimited Expert Service
  • Cracked and Broken Hardware Coverage
  • Repairs for TV parts and accessories
  • Easy Bookings

Does Geek Squad Handle TV Repairs? – Geek Squad Repair Services for TV

Best Buy provides unprecedented support for all the issues that appear on your television. They can handle any wear and tear of the device, accidental damage, and screen damage, and also covers the repairs of different parts and accessories of your television. Here is the complete list of Geek Squad repair services for your TV.

External Damage RepairRepair TV Blacklight
Wear and TearTV Inverter Repair Service
Accidental DamageTV Capacitor Service
Water and Fluid DamageRepair TV Picture Tube
Bad Pixels RepairRepair TV Fuse or Panel
Repair the TV MotherboardReplacement Glass
Repair TV ScreenRepair TV HDMI port or Circuit Board
Repair TV Bulb 

Geek Squad Repair for Different TV Types – Best Buy TV Diagnostic and Repair Service

Geek Squad handles any type of TV to give the best repair solution for its proper functioning. You can request or book a service for the TV belonging to any size or type. The skillful agents are the best professionals knowing to fix any glitch in any type of TV, such as

  • Flat Screen TV
  • LCD TV
  • LED TV
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Plasma TV
  • Projection TV

How Much Does Geek Squad Charge for TV Repairs? What is Geek Squad TV Repair Cost? 

Geek Squad provides the best-in-class repair solutions for all types of the TV at affordable costs. It will charge a very less amount for the repair without any hassle. You can book an online or offline appointment at no additional cost.

For most of the issues, Geek Squad charges a low cost of $100, including the diagnostic fee. The actual charge depends on the actual cost of the TV. The labor cost is $60 to $120 per hour.

In the case of remote services, where you need to ship also for your service, the Geek Squad TV Repair service costs additional costs between $40 to $75 depending on the area.

Geek Squad Cost for TV Repair Service with Best Buy Protection Plan:

TV Panel$1000 to $4200
Main System Board$380
Power Supply$277

How to Contact Geek Squad to Book TV Repair? Book Geek Squad Appointment for TV Repair

To schedule or book your service with Geek Squad, you can contact offline on the Customer service phone number at 1800-433-5778. The agents are present 24/7 for help and support for all TV repairs. In addition, you can also connect with the agent on live chat for booking a TV repair service. The chat agent is also available 24/7 for local as well as remote bookings.

Customers can also book their appointment online directly on the official Best Buy website. You need to type the link on the web browser. After that, the booking page will open up. After that follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, go to Schedule a Service and click on ‘TV and Home Theatre’.
  • Now click on ‘TVs’ under “what device do you need help with?”
  • After that, click on ‘Schedule a Repair or Tune up’.
  • Now, click on ‘Schedule an Appointment.
  • Fill in the appointment details and book a slot according to your convenience.
  • Also, fill in the time for your appointment.
  • Finally, confirm the booking.

You will get the confirmation details at your email address. The agent will handle your request as per your schedule without any hassle and wastage of time.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Cracked TV Screen?

The Geek Squad charge $400 to $1000 to repair cracked TV screen. Sometimes, it is better to replace the screen as the repair may cost too high for it.

How Much Does Geek Squad Charge to Repair 4K TV Screen?

Geek Squad TV screen repair can cost from $200 to $400. In the case of big screen 4K TV, the charges may exceed $800 or above depending on the issue with the screen.

Do Geek Squad Work on TVs?

Geek Squad is a team of the best professional and industry expert technicians that can fix and repair any issue with the TV. It can repair all types of TVs with the utmost performance.

What Happens if Geek Squad Can’t Fix My TV?

In case you are a member of Best Buy, then the Geek Squad agents will replace your TV if it is not applicable for the repair services.

How Long Does Geek Squad Take to Repair a TV?

Geek Squad expert technicians can repair most of the TV issues on the same day. It will provide the device back to you after repair on the same day. However, if there is a major issue that requires deep diagnosis and repair services, then it can take more days to provide the best solution for it.


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