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Since its inception Geek Customer Service has been offering its assistance extensively to its authentic client base, ensuring in-time fixes of a wide range of electronics and electrical devices or gadgetry and other utility devices. Apart from this we ensure to take care of the billing and account related issues as well. We set the benchmark in the customer services and have been a trusted name when it comes to customer satisfaction. When Geek Customer Service is at your service you don’t have to worry. If you have a set of damaged pair of electronic gadgets or undone billing query or any other accounts section related query. If you are looking for a reliable service provider to get all of it sorted and fixed under experts observation, then allow us to render our expertise in a plethora of customer services. Here at Geek Customer Service, We have a team of technical experts having years of hands-on experience in working at customer needs, catering for providing the best of services in the market when it comes to customer satisfaction.

In our day to day life, due to a very busy work life schedule, our dependence on various service providers have tremendously gravitated and we quite often face numerous hindrances consisting of damaged home appliances and electronic devices like – washing machines, desktop,  printers, smartwatches and many more, and most importantly the billing for availing these services. At times we encounter various accounts related problems which if not fixed on a timely basis can bring our life to halt and create a hassle in our daily routine. Here at Geek Customer Service, we render our services from taking care of services required in-stores to online troubleshooting services; we enable you to get rid of all the tech plus non-tech (Billing) related issues within minimalistic time possible.

Geek Customer Service is a name considered as a last resort where you can bank upon to get the finest assistance on repair works or billing-related services. Anytime you feel to see for any repairs work done or look for any non-tech query, just feel free to connect us 24/7 our customer service helpdesk  Experts will try to resolve that in the minimum time frame possible.

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Getting Non-Tech Assistance Is Now More Convenient With Geek Customer Service

Geek Customer Servicehelps users to get to troubleshoot all their Accounts-related queries or solve billing-related issues with a number of service experts ready to serve at all locations 24/7. Users just need to register a complaint at our helpdesk and a team of experts will reach out the premises to know about the desired service or billing issues and fix them. We pledge to assist you well in taking care of various Non-tech issues, which are a follows:

Purchases Related Customer Services

  • Check your complaint status– If you have registered a complaint remotely, and looking to get a status check then you just need to check it on our website by logging in Geek CustomerService section or you may make a call with the complaint ID at our helpdesk numbers.
  • Get copies of your receipts – In case you happen to be an old consumer and you require some of the receipts, then you now can avail them as well.
  • Track your orders– You can now avail to live to track your orders on our app, by installing it in the phone, tablet etc.

Account-Related Customer Services

  • Forgot your password?– Have you forgot your password and want to retrieve it or reset it, well it’s no longer an issue as our tech team will provide you with a reset password via email valid for next 24 hours, you are required to reset it and remember it for further future usage.
  • Manage your account-  You can now manage your account at your end and avail for various offers and discount on services desired.
Other Geek Customer Service Rendered
  • Protection plans– We have a wide variety of protection plans to cater all class of people knowing no limits.while providing for the best of our services.
  • Track your repair– You can now track the live status of your gadgetry under repair works.

Rendering A Range of services at Geek Customer Service centres

If you are not sure about what type of assistance you can expect to avail from Geek Customer Service, then you need not worry as professionals here carry a major segment of expertise to render the tech/non-tech services. We have assisted to a huge list of clientele that dealt in various fields and has also worked with popular brands as a third party. We deal in almost every segment and thus troubleshooting in a lot of fields, more specifically, we have a reputation to help you  as a major service provider we have listed down domains  that we serve with expertise into::

Device Setup/Installation – Geek Customer Service technical experts render for setup building or installation related services required for all electronic devices. Experts can also assist you with guidance in detail about the modification settings needed as per one’s requirements. We troubleshoot all your tech issues, specifically for the following:

Real-time Assistance – Issues such as software bugs can be easily fixed by getting the online real-time tech assistance services from the experts. Geek Customer Service technical specialists are a prominent name in offering the most reliable and advanced tech assistance system. So, if you are unable to look for genuine and trusted tech assistance services for your desktops,  printers or home automation based smart gadgets and any other gadgetry then you can totally bank upon the Geek Customer Service

Repairing Services – At times your damaged gadget have multiple issues which need fixing in the workshops only, sometimes these issues are complex that cannot be resolved remotely. In this scenario, you need not be worrisome as Geek Customer Services helps you by sending a representative to collect your damaged gadget from your premises and then placing it back to your address after issues are fixed. Repair services provided are as follows:

  • Home Appliances(vacuum cleaner etc)
  • Gaming consoles
  • Communication gadgets like cell phone, Walkie-Talkie
  • Personal Computers (Including Mac)& Tablets
  • audio systems
  • Car Electronics
  • PCBs(1/2/3 layer ) of other electronic gadgetry

Geek Customer Service works for customer satisfaction and ensures that the user need not be charged any extra amount for the complimentary services provided. We take care of our clients to their satisfaction and more importantly Geek Customer Service provide services even if the products warranty is void.

Reachability to Geek Customer Service via  hassle-free channels

If you are looking to get assistance for repair works and services of your electronic gadgetry, then just feel free to connect with us as we at Geek Customer Service provides for multiple channels to ease out the way for any customer calling us with hope to get their favourite gadget amended/ repaired at reasonable prices.

To let our clients know that for their convenience  now we can be accessed via various of these channels as well, which are as namely:

  • Onsite Service Provider/ door service:   After you place a call/chat and confirm for a complaint, Geek Customer Service expert will arrive at yours within the minimum possible time frame
  • Remote assistance provider:  You got a gadgetry issue? You just opt to give us a ring. We believe to be your finest assistance when it comes to troubleshooting your query via the call. This works the way like when you place a call at our helpdesk, our team of professionals will start operating in the best possible way to take the best understanding of your trouble and problem. Hence, we ensure to fix your queries and troubles remotely via the phone call clear guidelines and instructions that make for the best process troubleshooting.
  • Services delivery at our authorised stores: At our locations you have our Geek Customer Service technicians positioned to troubleshoot your queries. Here, we also cater to provide our insights on how best to reach our stores with a booking of appointment.

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