Geek Squad Protection Plan – Save On your Product Repair

We specialize in creating opportunities for your product so that it stays alive, workable and usable for long point of time in future. We also know that repairing and replacing your favorite items of necessity, comfort and luxury can break the bank sometimes. When your tech needs to be rescued, come to our Geek Squad Protection Plan. We can assist you avoid costly repairs and replacements with minimum expense and maximum comfort of operations. All in all, Geek Squad protection saves you dollars and gives you peace of mind. With the assistance of protection plans, our widespread Geek squad professional network provides you the opportunity to keep your devices operational as newly purchased. They at best keep them up and running if some unforeseen fault leaves it stranded.

Geek Squad Protection plan enhances and stretches your product and device warranty for up to a number of years from what it was initially assigned. As a matter of fact, manufacturer warranties do not cover your appliances and devices for a considerably long period of time. Our Protection plans come over and above the basic services that Geek Squad technician provide for your product, i.e., delivery, installation, setup, mounting as well as repair assignments for a number of services that is pretty all-inclusive. All in all, there a lot more attached to Geek Squad Protection Plans.

For computers, smartphones, laptops or tablets, for smart home needs, for car electronics, and other product repair and replacement, our Geek Squad Protection Plan is here to assist. Our team of experts is approachable via phone call, live chat, or email services. Among the various stages and components of Geek Squad Protection Plan, one of them enable our specialists to arrive at your doorstep, provide a remote resolution or repair and mend your product at our Best Buy stores spread across the country. Our Geek Squad Protection plan makes it sure that your appliances are protected against manufacturing defects as well human errors leading to defects.


Why Choose Geek Squad Protection Plan?

Geek Squad Protection Plan goes over and above the manufacturer’s warranty to extend your product coverage and protect your purchase. Availed via or any of our Best Buy facilities, the Geek Squad Protection Plans provide its customers repair and replacements security for all applicable items of utility. The plan works with a special mission to enhance the warranty duration and performances with added financial advantages to its clients and subscribers. Here we help also for any information with Geek Squad Protection Plan. For any assistance and guidance with Geek Squad Protection Plans, our toll-free helpline operates 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year.

Geek Squad Protection Plan assists in saving money on repairing or replacing your malfunctioning devices and device parts. All in all, this best serves to eliminate your worries and give you peace with your products of utility. This looks more reasonable because any post-warranty or expired warranty gadgets are more costly to repair, while a diagnostic or repair cost can hardly exceed the charges of our Geek Squad Protection plan.

Various Types of Geek Squad Protection Plans

  • Geek Protection Home Membership – Geek Squad Home Membership protection plan is for every appliance and device at your home, regardless it is from Best Buy or not.
  • Geek Protection Repair and Replacement Plan – Your Geek Squad Protection Repair and Replacement Plan encompasses comprehensive coverage and easy fulfillment from the very first day for your products of utility, offering complete replacement of covered devices and appliances.
  • Accidental Damage Plan – We are experts of Oops protection. When your things of technology needs to be rescued, we can assist you with in preventing costly replacements and repairs. This is best achieved by Geek Squad Accidental Damage Plan.
  • Geek Protection Total Plan – It happens sometimes, whether it’s a sudden glitch or a spilled coffee. We can assist you avoid expensive replacements and repairs with Geek Squad Protection Total Plan that includes Accidental Damage Cover as well.

Geek Squad Protection plan – Applicability:

Our Geek Squad Protection Plan coverage for devices and appliances varies from equipment to equipment. This entirely depends on what items or gadget-specific Geek Squad protection plan you need to purchase for your requirement. Below-mentioned are devices and appliances that Geek Squad Protection Plans cover:

  • Portable Audio
  • Music Equipment
  • TV and Home Theatre
  • Appliances
  • Computers and Tablets
  • Cell Phones
  • Car Electronics
  • Wearable Technology
  • Video Games
  • Cameras and Camcorders

Advantages of Geek Squad Protection Plan:

Normal maintenance Service

Our experts, backed by Geek squad protection plan will repair and help with any dysfunctional appliances due to dust, internal heat or humidity, along with errors in design or manufacturing.


Provided our specialists originally delivered and installed your product of choice at your home or office, our Geek Squad Protection Plan provides reinstallation services for the same products at a very reasonably discounted rate.

Accidental damage with Vacuum cleaners

A robotic vacuum equipment is very well covered by our Geek Squad Protection Plan if anything goes bad by you accidentally for your vacuum cleaner.


Your chosen Geek squad Protection Plan can be transferred to your chosen ones or favorites in case you decide to do so with no extra charges applicable.

In-Your-home Repair

Our Geek technicians will visit your residence when you give us a call and fix an appointment and schedule of work at your convenience. Get your malfunctioning appliances repaired at your doorstep with Geek Squad Protection plan.

Food spoilage Care

Our Geek Squad Protection even covers your food in your refrigerator. In case your refrigerator or freezer stops working and is covered with Geek plan, maximum of $150 for spoiled meals and food can be charged.

Power flow repair

Electric/Power failure issues leading to appliance trouble is best taken care of with comprehensive cost coverage endured by our Geek Squad Protection.

Easy claim assistance

Our team of Geek Squad Protection Plan specialists working round the clock makes it certain that your product insurance claim is settled well in time.

Geek Squad Protection plan – Key Points

Some of the significant points of note for our Geek Squad Protection plan can be enumerated as such:

  • Recovery services
  • Unlimited malware and Virus removal service
  • Easy printer installation and troubleshooting solutions
  • Hardware tune-up services
  • Various devices set up support
  • Limitless computer tune-ups
  • Free installation and set-up of your computer, laptops and other electronic devices
  • Quick and easy step-by-step guidance for installation, set-up and on how to best use your printers, cameras, laptops, MP3 players,  camcorders and more
  • Data backup and transfer solutions
  • Get the finest quality internet safety software for free
  • Freely available software and hardware updates as well as various  operating systems installation
  • Unlimited set-up and installation services for your –kindle reader and tablet

For any needs of installation, home delivery, setting up, mounting or after-sale servicing of your equipment and devices, our Geek Squad technicians are the finest you can get anywhere. It list doesn’t end here. When you require to go ahead of the expiry of your manufacturer’s warranty, or when you need to get your devices repaired free of charge at your home, Geek Squad Protection plan is the best way out. Get a plan and feel secure and confident with your products of convenience and utility.