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Subscribe to Geek Squad Membership to Protect Your Devices

Geek Squad provides the budget and customer convenient membership plans for enjoying the tech support services reliably and productively. The highly skilled and trained professionals handle the customer’s products, devices, and appliances instantly at their home or in the Best Buy Stores. The Geek Squad Membership plans offer a reliable approach to demand priority services any time of the day or night at minimum cost. Most of the services under these plans are free. Moreover, the customers can enjoy unlimited service for their product and make it run like a pro. These services help you to manage your device efficiently and increase its productivity.

What are the benefits of Geek Squad Membership?

Geek Squad membership provides an additional warranty to your device even if its original warranty ends up. It protects the device and resolves all the errors or failures within it. Also, it deals with the overall coverage of the product including setup, installation, protection, maintenance, diagnosis, repair, replacement, and much more. So, there are unlimited services under each membership plan. Various benefits of Geek Squad Membership are as follows:

  • 24X7 Support services
  • Unlimited maintenance services
  • In-home support
  • Protection of the device
  • Professional repair with a workmanship warranty
  • Priority dealing
  • Free services
  • Exclusive offers on all services
  • Expert access to all the problems

What are Various Geek Squad Membership Plans?

Geek Squad provides various membership plans for the support and maintenance of the device. The user can choose the plan depending on its device and its services. The various membership plans are as follows:

  • Geek Squad Protection Service Plan
  • Geek Squad Protection Replacement Plan
  • Geek Squad Protection for Wireless Devices
  • Geek Squad Total Protection

What does Geek Squad Membership Include?

There is a bundle of services that comes under the membership program of Best Buy Geek Squad. Most of these services are free of cost if you are a member of the plan. Also, there is a professional approach and the latest techniques used by the experienced staff team to handle your device. The customer can enjoy unlimited services at extra benefits and offer in a timely. Furthermore, the members are provided with an easy and convenient way to handle their service at their place by demanding the in-home service from the Geek Squad expert technician. So, the services under the membership plans are as follows:

  1. Tech Support Services

The expert technician provides a highly valuable and expert approach to handling and tackles with all the failures and problems of the device under the membership plan. It can handle a large number of devices and provides the best technical support to treat it and make it run like a pro.

  • Setup and Installation Services

Geek Squad Membership includes free setup and installation of the device covered under the plan. The expert official will handle the installation services and provide the device in full working mode for the ease of access of the user.

  • Networking Services

Also, the expert team can provide any type of help and support to handle the networking devices and make them work accurately. It deals with all the networking issues, connectivity issues, power surge failures, and other problems relating to networking. It can handle the errors and failures with any type of networking device such as modem, routers, etc.

  • Repair and Maintenance

The expert technicians handle the repairing solutions of the device and provide the workmanship warranty on every repair. Moreover, it provides free replacement services also if the technician fails to repair the device timely and properly.

  • Smart Tech Services

Geek Squad Membership also covers all the services of the smart products that you use to make your lifestyle easy and interesting. It can handle any type of smart device and provides overall support solutions for these devices. It covers the entire services for the smart tech products.

  • Management Services

Geek Squad officials also handle the management of the device from time to time to avoid any failures and issues within the device. It manages the device by performing a high level of diagnosis and troubleshooting the problems that incur in the device. The expert team focuses on the latest techniques and skilled approaches to managing the device efficiently.

  • Data Backup Service

The Geek Squad Membership program also deals with the storage of data securely and safely and dealing with the authorized access of the secured data and files.

What Products Does the Geek Squad Membership Include?

There is a wide range of products that the Geek Squad handles under its membership plan. The customer can purchase the membership for any of these products depending on their convenience. The product list is as follows:

Computers and TabletsElectrical devicesVideo products
Mobile PhonesGaming and VRCameras and Camcorders
Smart tech devicesElectronic devicesAudio Products
Computing and Networking accessoriesAudio-Visual ProductsMachines
Kitchen AppliancesCar electronicsSmall appliances
Outdoor DevicesSecurity devicesScooters, bikes, and hoverboards

How much is a Geek Squad Subscription?

Geek Squad offers a low-cost membership plan to the customers so that they are within reach of every person or company. It provides the best technical support and expert services under the budget of the customers. Moreover, the Geek Squad plans are flexible and the user can customize them as per their own needs and demands. The yearly plan start from $199.99 and the customer can renew it easily.

Rest the cost of the plan depends on the period for the subscription and the device support. For the low-cost plan, the customer can start with a monthly plan under $49.99 with the fully-fledged services. Also, there is an annual plan, a two-yearly and five-yearly subscription.

Can I Cancel Geek Squad Membership?

To cancel the membership, the customer can call the toll-free phone number of Geek Squad 1800-433-5778. The helpline number is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week without any interruption. The customer can call anytime to cancel its plan and follow the refund policy accordingly. Furthermore, the customers can also chat with the online agent for cancellations. The live chat box is also open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the service. You can initiate the chat anytime and ask for the plan cancellation without any hassle.

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