How much Does Geek Squad Cost for Tech Support Services

Geek Squad prices

Geek Squad provides fully-fledged support services for all the products and devices at home, office, or business. It offers low-cost charges for all the services. The customer can apply for the various protection plans to enjoy the tech support services at a low cost.

Geek Squad Prices for various services can be calculated depending on the issue with the device. Moreover, the company always focuses on customer-oriented services at fares that are convenient to the customers. It meets the needs of all the customers by providing the services within their budget.

How Much Does Best Buy Geek Squad Charge?

The Geek Squad charges vary from plan to plan, or device to device. To enjoy the budget services with low-cost charges, you can apply for the Geek Squad plans. Also, there is a bundle of services under the plans that are free of cost. Here are the service charges according to the plans under the Geek Squad Prices list:

  • Individual Service Price: $19.99 to $1450
  • Monthly Service Plan Price: $24.99
  • Annual Service Plan Price: $199.99

The monthly plan covers up different devices depending on the choice of the customer. Also, for the annual plan, the customer can choose a maximum of six devices under its plan.

Geek Squad Prices for In-Store Services – What Does Best Buy Charge for In-Store Services?

The customers can book an appointment for the Geek Squad in-store services. You can call the agent or chat online to book the service under the budget cost. After taking the appointment for your service, the customer can directly visit the store and for the service. The customers need not pay extra charges for the in-store service. Here are the Geek Squad Prices for in-store services:

Computer and Tablet Setup$39.99
New Device Setup$39.99
Device Repair and Diagnostic$149.99
Damage Physical Repair$84.95 (parts extra)
Virus Removal$149.99
Data Recovery, Level 1$200
Data Recovery, Level 2$450
Data Recovery, Level 2 Advanced$450
Data Recovery, Level 3$1450

Geek Squad Prices for In-Home Services – What Does Best Buy Charge for

The customers can also apply for the in-home services where you need to connect with the agent either on call or chat and demand the services at your place. The customers can book an appointment for the service and ask a professional technician to come to your home directly for the services under your budget. Here is the Geek Squad prices list for the In-Home Services.

Printer troubleshooting or Setup$79.99
Modem Setup$99.99
Device Repair and Diagnostic$149.99
Virus and Spyware Elimination$149.99
WIFI troubleshooting and Setup$99.99
Wireless camera installation$99.99
Wired Camera Installation$199.99

Geek Squad Prices for Remote Services – What Does Best Buy Charge for Remote Services?

There are times when you are working on your smart device or another tech device far away from your place and you may face issues with the device. In this case, the Geek Squad expert officials provide you with remote services anywhere around the world.

OS Tune-Up/Upgrade$39.99
Network Support and Setup$149.99
Software support and Setup$39.99
Operating System Protect and Repair$149.99
Device Diagnostic and Repair$149.99
Email Troubleshooting$99.99
Software Troubleshooting$99.99
Add Device to an Existing Network$39.99
Tutorial to Windows 10$19.99
Software Setup and Support$39.99
Printer Setup$39.99
Virus Removal$149.99

Geek Squad On-Site Prices for a Range of Services

Geek Squad comes to your location for any service by charging a minimum cost per visit. The Geek Squad Prices for on-site services start from $300 and it may vary according to the site and the service you demand. To apply for the on-site service, the customer can call on the phone number 1800-433-5778. Here is the list of services that are eligible for On-Site:

  • Software and Hardware Installation
  • Network Installation
  • Operating System Installation
  • Software and Hardware services
  • Network Services or Adding a New Device to the Network
  • PC Setup and Configuration Services
  • VPN Installation Service
  • Data Transfer and Backup Service

What Does Geek Squad Charge for Different Devices – Geek Squad Prices For Range of Devices

 Geek squad covers up the tech support services for all the devices at your home, office, and organization. You can call the agent to get support and help for any device such as computing devices, networking devices, electronics and electrical devices, kitchen appliances, outdoor devices, smart tech devices, games and gaming consoles, and much more. So, here are the different costs of the services for these devices:

Computer Software Installation$39.99 – $99.99
Computers & Tablets programming and set up$39.99 – $99.99
Cameras & Camcorders$99.99-$199.99
Cell Phones and other telephone sets$49.99
Office automation$99.99-$199.99
Car Electronics$99.99-$149.99
Internet setup and security$149.99
Portable Audio systems$99.99-$199.99
Kitchen Setup$99.99-$199.99
Video Gaming console systems$99.99-$149.99
Setup help for your product$59.99 – $99.99
Smart Home systems$99.99-$199.99
TV & Home Theatre installation$49.99 – $99.99
Music System Setup and installation$49.99
Printer/refrigerator Installation$49.99 to $99.99
Geek Squad Prices for Monthly Plan – Avail Geek Squad Protection At a Low Cost

Geek Squad also provides two cost-efficient plans for the services. You can avail these plans monthly, half-yearly, or annually depending on your convenience. The standard plan starts from the low cost of $24.99 per user per month. Whereas, the advance plan starts from $49.99 per user per month. Monthly plans do not include any tune-up and network support. On the other hand, an advanced plan includes the overall support of the devices and is best suitable for the official needs. Check the list below for the services and fares.

 Standard PlanAdvanced Plan
Pricing$24.99 per user per month$49.99 per user per month
Unlimited Remote ServiceYesYes
Computer SetupYesYes
Printer SetupYesYes
Software and OS InstallationYesYes
Computer Tune-upsYesYes
Diagnostic and RepairsYesYes
Data Backup and TransferYesYes
Virus and Spyware RemovalYesYes
Adding Device to a NetworkYesYes
VPN SupportYesYes
Firewall SupportYesYes
On-Site ServiceN/AYes
Server AdminN/AYes
Server Tune-UpN/AYes
Server RepairN/AYes